Truth Nuggets - 9 - Vine and the Branches - LIFT US UP

June 27, 2022


Jesus teaches His disciples that they are the BRANCHES and He is the TRUE VINE.  On top of that these branches are "clean" because of what they learned from their rabbi, Rabbi Jesus.  Clean?  You mean somehow Jesus' words gave them a bath?  Huh?

He was teaching Jews in Israel about 2000 years ago.  We are so disconnected from those days that much of what Jesus taught simply escapes us.  So, if you thought you understood everything in John 15:1-11 wait till you watch this vidcast!  The church has abandoned understanding the Bible in its ancient historical and cultural context.  There are so many misconceptions that we are taught mistakenly and without the knowledge of the teacher.  It is time once again to reconnect to those days and study His word in context and grasp the original intended meaning by the Lord.  Ready?  Let's go.

Rev. Ferret - who is this guy?  What's his background?  Why should I listen to him?  Check his background at this link -

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