Truth Nuggets 7 - Heb. 13:4 - The Marriage Bed is Holy in the Eyes of Adonai

June 22, 2022


Some people think that the word "fornication" means sex outside of marriage. Some say that this is what it means in the Bible.  NOPE.  Sorry folks.  God never states specifically that pre-marital sex or sex outside of marriage is a sin.  But it is.  How does God teach us this in His Torah, His "instruction?"  How did He get this across to His chosen people the Hebrews coming out of Egypt?  How did God do this to His people in the 1st century A.D. when He, Yeshua HaMaschiach, Jesus the Messiah, God Himself, how did He teach this THEN?  We missed it.  He did teach it.  But, once again we need to put the Bible into its historical perspective.  One needs to understand how God taught them THEN 3400, 3000, 2500,  or 2000 years ago, so we can understand NOW.  Sex outside of marriage is a sin and, on top of that, it looks as if it is something God hates.  Wait till you see.

Here's a number of links I promised in the podcast you many find very enlightening.  

Link 1 - the practice of sex outside of marriage, abortion, and infanticide in ancient Greece and Rome -

Link 2 - the 613 laws of Maimonides -

Link 3 - Jewish scholarly site showing that pre-marital sex is NOT brought up in the Hebrew scriptures (the Old Testament) -

Link 4 - Ray Vander Laan's article on ancient pagan religion and practices -

Link 5 - Josephus' statement that abortion is considered murder -

Link 6 - my research article for my master's degree in Biblical history.  The focus is on adoption in ancient Turkey (Asia Minor) but relates to infanticide in ancient Rome.  The bibliography is invaluable -

Rev. Ferret - who is this guy?  What's his background?  Why should I listen to him?  Check his background at this link

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