Truth Nuggets 10 - Psalm 1 - A Beatitude of the Acacia Tree

June 29, 2022


Jesus is said to have taught the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.  It is as if we think Jesus invented the beatitudes and a grammatical form to teach us about what a real disciple is like.  Well, he did not.  David used the format and so did other writers of the psalms.  Solomon uses it also in Proverbs.  Psalm 1 is a beatitude.  It is a picture of what a righteous man or woman is like who is one of God's people, one saved and part of the everlasting Kingdom of the Most High.  Such a one is like a tree planted by streams of water.  Once again, David gets it.  Adonai inspired David to probably associate a righteous disciple of Yeshua with a particular tree found in the wadis of the Judean wilderness.  So, you are like this tree.  So come and join us in this podcast to understand what God says we are like even in days of difficulty and distress.  We are not taken out of these difficult days but we live in them and through them to show the world what it is like to be HIS disciple, HIS righteous people.

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