Genesis - 71 - Gen. 29 - Two Women of Destiny

September 26, 2022



We now come to Haran with יַעֲקֹב Ya'akov, or, as we know him, Jacob.  He is now about to meet two great women of the Bible, Rachel and Leah.  In this lesson we start considering each of these women and to study their traits and characteristics.  One thing for sure is the creation of the state of Israel (which is Jacob's other name) all began because Jacob was so taken in by Rachel's physical attractiveness and beauty.  God knew this.  He knew the effect Rachel had on men.  Clearly, God engineered the meeting at the well so that the rest of the story would unfold as per יְהֹוָה Yahvay's, the Lord's, plan.  

So, Rachel was ravishing, a beauty of Haran, but Leah, what about her?  Some say she had "weak" eyes.  Some say Leah was hated.  Some say Leah as less preferable than Rachel.  Really?  Once again if you only focus on the English and not the Hebrew we get the wrong ideas of Leah and the amazing lady she was.  Moses, who wrote all this under God's inspiration, actually writes to show us that it is God, it is יְהֹוָה Yahvay, the Lord, that Leah recognizes right from the get go as she begins to have children by Jacob.  But, how did Leah know the personal name of God?  God said to Moses at the burning bush that not even Abraham or Isaac or Jacob, or anyone else for that matter, knew His personal name which was first revealed at Sinai.  What's going on?  We need to study this further.

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