Five Small Stones Episode 9 - ”IT IS FINISHED” - Rom. 10:4

June 18, 2022


Episode 9 in the video series, "Five Small Stones," is now ready.  Again, we are studying the question of how does the Bible help us understand that Jesus is the FIRST and that Jesus is the LAST.  In this lesson we probably have heard some say that Jesus did away with the law or the Torah.  (Note: in many English translations one reads the word LAW.  This refers to the TORAH, the 1st five books of the Bible.  TORAH does not mean law but instruction.) That is interesting since Paul teaches us that Jesus "completed" the Torah and that the TORAH helps us to come to Jesus.  This is found in his letters and the only Bible they had when he wrote his epistles was the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament where the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures, the TORAH, was the foundational books of the Bible in Jesus' day and Paul's.  But, more than what Paul wrote and taught us, Jesus said He came to fulfill the TORAH.  In Greek this means that He would live out the TORAH as an example to all of us.  So, Jesus did not come to do away with the law, the TORAH, He came to "finish it."  This is so evident if you study the text of His word in its historical context.  This is so awesome.

Here's the link to video #9 in the series, "Five Small Stones," -

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