Exodus - 47 Lesson 5 - Exod. 20:3 - THE DEMONS ARE HERE

October 20, 2022


Our focus in this lesson is verse Exod. 20:3 …

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

This is the 2nd commandment in the Jewish list of the Ten Commandments.  But, it is part of the 1st commandment for Catholics and Protestants.  See the list of the Commandments for Jews, Catholics, and Protestants below.


One thing we notice is the Catholics and Protestants both left out the phrase “who has taken you out of the land of Egypt.”  We will find in this lesson that for Catholics and Protestants this will show that the verse Exod. 20:3 can not be clearly understood.  It can be, however, if one studies it in textual and historical context.  This lesson will bring that out quite clearly.  It is another glaring example that one must study the Ten Commandments in their textual context and not “stand alone” as in the Catholic or Protestant lists. 

Just consider the lists below.  In the first is the Protestant Ten Commandments highlighted within the all the words of verse 1-17.  The second is the Jewish list of the Ten Commandments (they are underlined).  If one wants to truly understand the Commandments and their interpretation one must leave them in the original textual context. 



Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Christian rabbi or Messianic rabbi,  is quite famous for his books, “The Harbinger” and “The Harbinger II.” He has written another fascinating book I highly recommend, “The Return of the Gods.”  His premise is that there is evidence in our society today that the reasons why the ancients revered and bowed down to ancient gods have returned.  It is as if those ancient page gods are back among us.  AS a Bible historian I find Rabbi Cahn’s writings very convincing and totally disturbing.  See the picture of the rabbi below and the book, “The Return of the Gods.”


The reason I bring up this book is it so relates to Exod. 20:3 …

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

We will see that this verse properly interpreted from the ancient Hebrew shows that a false god is more than some idol of ancient days.  It seems as if the TORAH defines what a false god is and thus God’s INSTRUCTION, His תּוֹרָה Torah, shows that this is applicable to today.  Jonathan Cahn suggests this in his book makes a clear and convincing argument. 

Not only him as a Christian, but Dennis Prager as well.  He brings it up in his Torah commentary, “Exodus: the Rational Bible,” but also in his excellent 5 minute video on Exod. 20:3.  


You will see how Dennis Prager, a true scholar and deeply religious Jew, shows us what are modern false gods.  Here’s the link to the video that is found at PragerU.

Link -

Once again I say thank you to Jonathan Cahn and Dennis Prager.  Each man has given us excellent teaching on the false gods in our day.  However, the Torah shows what is behind all this.  God’s word is clear and precise and quite basic and simple.  Taken all together we find that this statement of the Lord in Exod. 20:3 is so awesome and so terrifying as it relates to our day.  You’ll see what I mean as you study along with me in this lesson.

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