Exodus - 43 - Exodus 17:1-16 - Egypt’s MA’AT and the Lord’s SHALOM שָׁלוֹם

July 3, 2022


The Hebrews go deeper and deeper into the wilderness of Sinai.  To the Egyptians, and the Hebrews who had assimilated into the Egyptian worldview and culture, this was considered the area of death, disorder, danger, confusion, evil or in ancient Egyptian IZFIT.  Sometimes translated into English as CHAOS.  Only the narrow area of fertile around on either side of the Nile was considered the place of truth, goodness, righteousness, life, harmony, prosperity, peace.  The Egyptian word for this beautiful order is MA’AT.  In Egypt the king, Pharaoh, was dedicated to preserving MA’AT – order and peace – and preventing IZFIT – chaos and death – for all Egyptians.  The Egyptians looked to a man who must provide this order, harmony, prosperity, and truth.  What’s interesting is that God, the God of the Bible, the LORD, Adonai who is known by His name, the tetragrammaton, יהוה, pronounced mistakenly as YAHWAY but probably should pronounced YAH VAY (no W sound in Hebrew), He brings His people into the Sinai wilderness.  He purposely brings them into CHAOS, into what the Egyptians believe is the land of evil, death, disorder, and danger.  Why?  Why is the Lord doing this?  In lesson 43 in Exodus 17 we face this issue and its lesson is for them THEN and for us NOW.  

In this podcast I mentioned key lessons that are related to this podcast.  If you are serious about Bible study.  If you are serious about your interest in the end of days, the return of Jesus, and the day of the Lord.  If you want to expand your knowledge of God’s word and to understand what Jesus meant when He said that all scripture testifies of Himself, these lessons are a must.  These lessons provide an expansion of the ideas of how this chapter in Exodus is possibly connected to the end of days.  In chapter 17 we study the attack of the Amalekites on Israel and Rephidim.  We find this has amazing connections to the feast of Purim (pronounced “poo reem”) and again in Jesus’ day all they way to Rome, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union and finally to the end of days and the defeat of the ultimate evil one, the enemy of Israel, the church, the one who has been always anti-Christ and anti-God.  The first link (see below) is to Truth Nugget #15 on the feast of Purim as related to the end of days and the return of Messiah Yeshua.  The 2nd is the link to lesson 65 in the Torah series on Genesis where we study the origins of the conflict between Jacob and Esau, between those who are anti-Christ and those who are the chosen of God.  The 3rd link is to the chapter in my book on the feast of Purim.  This chapter provides more depth as its related to the Truth Nugget 15. 

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